Truth in Blogging, a hot issue


I worked as a newspaper reporter some years ago, and I always told the truth. It wasn’t until I started blogging that I had to start lying. I had no choice. Honest.

At heart I’m a very truthful person. As a reporter I was committed wholeheartedly to Truth in Journalism. I support Truth in Advertising. But I haven’t been able to keep it honest when it comes to Truth in Blogging. 

It’s not my fault. I run into dilemmas. The problem is I’m writing blog posts about myself and my family and friends, and people who know us are reading them, and I have to be careful. I literally have to walk on eggs. Embattled Female Drivers (posted Feb. 18) is a perfect example. I identified my protagonist as a former boyfriend named Bob. In my post “Bob” freaked out in the car and bullied and climbed the seats and shouted and panicked at everything that the female driver, who was me, did.

The truth is that “Bob” is really my husband, Frank. When I wrote it I was afraid Frank would get angry if someone who knew us told him he was featured in an unflattering light in my blog. That’s the only way he’d find out because he never reads my blog. The post got a lot of laughs at “Bob’s” expense and Frank might not have found it funny if I’d used his name.

I tell the truth now because no one is interested in anything about the post anymore. It’s in the past. But while I was writing it I became concerned about upsetting him, especially when I remembered that Phyllis Diller’s ex-husband Sherwood, who she called Fang, sued her for $250,000 for denigration. Of course Frank would never sue me. Not in a million-zillion years. But why take the chance?

This is just one of many examples of the fine line I have to walk as a blogger, even more so with humor involved. The post, though, was very funny. See for yourself. You can click on my blog archives and read it. Just don’t tell Bob about it. I mean Frank. I’m calling Frank “Bob” all the time now. Frank’s beginning to suspect I’m having an affair. What a silly idea. I don’t have time, I’m too busy blogging.

Photos should be truthful too. The photo of me on the About page of my blog is pretty recent, taken a mere five years ago. That’s not so old. I worked for a public relations firm once and the photo the CEO put in newsletters and press releases was 20 years out of date. He was barely recognizable. Shame on him! All of us in the publications department felt dishonest every time we sent one out. But I basically look the same today as I do in my blog photo, taken ten years ago. I mean five years ago (oops). I’m a little chubbier is all. I’ve put on some weight in the last ten years, I mean five years. Also, since I started blogging my nose has grown a little longer.

Scripture: Thou shall not lie, unless you must to prevent troubles that could arise from your blog post. ~Exodus 20.2-17 (9th Commandment)

Chocolate: Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate. ~Anonymous



5 thoughts on “Truth in Blogging, a hot issue

  1. Well, you’ve done it again! Yet another funny and revealing blog. Brava!

    As a former journalist myself, I was dedicated to rooting out and telling the truth, so I can relate to your desire to do so. Let’s face it, there’s a force within some of us that compells us to express ourselves as honestly as we can. When faced with telling a lie, even if we’re good at it and can lie with a straight face (I was really good at this as a child.) something in us insists that we fess up.

    The few times I lied about things as a child, I was so plagued by the injustice it caused that I had to turn myself in. I never chopped down a cherry tree, but had I, I would have let my brother take the blame and then confessed just before he was flogged. Shameful…yes, I know. Unfortunately for him, he was not good at keeping a straight face.

    To my constant dismay, there are people who don’t seem to have that internalized push to be honest. They just lie. About everything. Even when they don’t have to. And they seem to be able to get others to assist them in their lies. The Liar’s liars.

    These folks are either lacking an internal moral compass that encourages them to tell the truth, or their souls have been sucked so dry by their ill-considered loyalty to their Liar in Chief that they don’t seem to notice they’re on the verge of implosion…or perhaps they just don’t care.

    And of couse, it doesn’t matter to them that we know they’re lying. They know we know, and we know they know we know, but they don’t care. They’re committed to their lies and their Liar.

    Having said all this, I salute you for perpetrating the fabrications you must to protect yourself and the not-so-innocent innocent.

    Blog on, Baby Boomer.

    As always, looking forward to your next post.


    • Thanks for understanding the justification for my lies! I don’t know too many liars personally, but the news of course is filled with absolutely incredible lies, one after another, nowadays. It’s very disconcerting. I can imagine the lies you told as a child were imaginative, and very metaphysical. Thanks for your comment. And your encouragement. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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