surfing-1171077_1280I rode to this life on the crest of the first baby-boomer wave (1946, in case you didn’t know). I landed with a thud and it’s been a wild ride ever since. I’ve lived through alcoholism, single parenthood, recovery (from alcoholism, not parenthood),  denial of God in my life, discovery of God in my life, loneliness, finding fellowship…. It hasn’t always been happy but it’s been full. Rich. 

No one in the traceable maternal or paternal branches of my family ever went to church. I never heard any of them mention God. The absence of any acknowledgment of a higher power is striking. My conscious search for God, I believe, started with joining the twelve-step program AA. The presence of God in my life gives it meaning. It helps me to understand why I am here–to love and to forgive. It helps me have faith that It All Works Out.  

Before I retired I wrote technical stuff for Silicon Valley biotech firms. No one tells me what to write or what not to write now because no one is paying me. It feels great. The only thing I miss about writing for hire is the stock options.

 Blogging and Cats

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Jack and Joe

I do miss one more thing: sleeping in past 5 a.m. It’s still dark when I crawl out of my comfy bed and feed my masters, two formerly feral cats. I remark upon Jack and Joe here because…well, because I’m a cat person.  Also because “cats” is in my blog URL and I have to link into that somehow. I don’t want to start over with a new URL.  

Joe, the orange feral, flirted with me in the backyard for weeks until I caved and fed him. Soon he brought around his black brother, Jack. Smitten, I fed him too. Eventually I trapped them and had them neutered and immunized. I feed them at 5 a.m. because that’s when they’re hungry. 

My initial groggy 5 a.m. resentment turned to gratitude, as predawn stillness gradually became a time for creative inspiration that finds a perfect outlet in blogging. My blogmuse comes while the bros eat and hang out grooming themselves and lounging. Then they’re off and running. And I’m off and blogging. Where the muse goes off to, nobody knows.     

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